We’re here to support you during COVID-19

We’re here to support you during COVID-19

Dear Customers,

While everyone across the world continues to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, CT4 is committed to support your business and provide continuity of services at all times. We are continuously monitoring the circumstances and remain focused on our customers’ business needs, while continuing to keep our employees safe.

As a result of the evolving situation, we have activated our Business Continuity Plans and reviewed all dimensions (People, Processes, Tools, Technology Systems, Facilities, Connectivity and Critical Skills) that may be impacted.  Accordingly we have put in place measures to mitigate the impact.

  • All of our employees are now working from home across the world. We have a very robust and regularly tested remote work capability that enables our employees to work effectively from home
  • We continue to utilise our extensive online collaboration capabilities for our employees to communicate with each other, and with other teams within our organisation
  • Critical skills and essential personnel have been identified with their backup to ensure business continuity in case of any possible individual absence due to infection, quarantine or any other reason
  • IT & business systems redundancy has been established across geographies to mitigate the risk of any office site becoming non-functional
  • Capability and readiness of third party service providers to support business continuity have been assessed and corrective actions have been taken wherever necessary

CT4’s leadership team is meeting continuously to assess and appropriately respond to the crisis as it evolves, to regulate our operations and maintain continuity. We have put in place many actions which result in reduction of potential transmission

In addition, we are operating in accordance with guidance from local government and public health authorities across the globe to support the safety and health of everyone. We have put in place many actions which result in reduction of potential transmission.

We are working tirelessly to help everyone stay safe while at the same time continuing to serve you. Please reach out to the CT4 team with any additional questions and concerns which may affect you.

Stay safe and healthy.