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By Anthony Carrick A couple of exciting developments within the IT and telecommunications sector are enabling us at CT4 to expand our private cloud services in Australia. These developments are NextDC's addition of Brisbane B2 - a new state-of-the-art data centre in Brisbane; and the introduction...

By Anthony Carrick The Cloud "The Cloud" as used in technology parlance, is a concept which really means "running on someone else's computing resources". Cloud services are high level. They include storage, scalable virtualisation, computing resources, and communication services. Cloud services are operated by technology providers over...

Use it or lose it with Software Assurance! Are you a Microsoft Enterprise License or Volume License customer? If so, ensure you're not missing out on the many benefits that come with Software Assurance. Since you have already paid for Software Assurance, why not use the...

3 features that set AWS apart AWS and Azure are two of the top public cloud providers, and while it may seem like they offer many of the same features, they each boast unique advantages. Amazon offers more flexible pricing for their cloud services, though with...

6 Common Questions about Office 365 Many businesses have concerns about moving staff resources to the cloud.  While Office 365 offers much in the way of collaboration, mobility and cloud services, some reservation is understandable. This article answers 6 questions that businesses commonly...

AWS and Azure are currently the leading cloud service providers.  Unfortunately, their pricing structures can be difficult to understand. We have summarised their product offerings below.  In short, Amazon offers more flexible pricing models while Azure's pricing is often simpler , providing more control of...

One of the most complex concepts in the multi-cloud is network integration between cloud providers, yet it is vital that it is done correctly. Without careful planning you and your company could be up for a hefty bill. WHAT IS THE ISSUE? Virtual Private Networks...

Every cloud computing model needs an internet connection, public or private. But the network architecture is key to ensuring everything runs smoothly. When the network is poorly designed, the other components within the cloud-based infrastructure are negatively affected. If you want your network resources to...