Remote Gymspace

The Coronavirus COVID-19 has forced the need for most companies to provide and effective remote access solution to reach your membership. The CT4 Remote Gymspace provides such a solution.

CT4 Remote Gymspace is available on a no commitment free streaming services during this crisis time.  This solution enables you to continue operating remotely for you and your members.  We can give you the Microsoft Teams tool at no cost to you for up to the next 6 months and have it up and running within hours.

  • Streaming Plus

    Remote Gymspace

    $0 for 6 months

 – Using our Microsoft Teams tool, we create a virtual gymspace for you to connect to your members remotely

– Using Microsoft Teams you will be able to create and run virtual training sessions both live and as on-demand sessions.

– Enable your trainers to engage members with live video sessions and group video streams.

– Convert existing physical training groups into live on-line training groups.

– Create community forums, chats and other collaboration groups.

– Free from CT4 for 6 months.

  • Customised


Our team is ready to work with you to tailor a solution to your specific needs. Focusing on keeping your customers engaged and your trainers enabled. Keep your gym’s community together in these unprecedented times.

    Get CT4’s Remote Gymspace today

    Operating your gym from Home Via the CT4 Remote Gymspace in the Age of COVID-19

    For the next 1-3 months you will have all your staff and customers practicing Social Isolation, unable to get into the gym. As a matter of urgency you need to provide staff and clients access to each other to continue to provide your service in a secure and reliable environment.

    The next 3-6 months are really uncertain and your business needs to be able to staff is likely to still need to work from home. You will need to expand your remote worker ability with a mature approach to collaboration using tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

    Beyond 6 months you might be thinking about how you can continue when your staff and customers are finding the benefit of having sessions remotely.