Desktop as a Service (Daas)

"continual improvements in communications suggest the adoption of cloud technology for most businesses is inevitable"

Our ‘POD’ Offering Provides Hosted or On Premise Cloud Services to Enterprises, Eliminating DaaS Complexity

The CT4 POD is a robust DaaS and VDI solution that delivers unprecedented efficiencies and simplicity for customers. Built on a platform that includes Tintri VMstore, and VMware Horizon with View, the CT4 DaaS ‘POD” is optimised for DaaS deployments ranging from 10 to 5000 concurrent sessions or desktops. Its modular, plug-and-play design reduces cost and complexity for customers looking to deploy VDI-style solutions.

The POD offering is available as a hosted cloud service as well as an on-premise solution deployed in enterprise data centers.

CT4 Deployment Methodology

  • Deploy “PODs” into data centers to make up Pop’s (points of presence)
  • Pods are sized as 500, 1000 and 5000 desktop (DaaS) concurrent sessions
  • Pods can be joined together to form a POP
  • Pods can either be exclusively private cloud (example Government) or used for multi tenant or deployed for both.
  • Pod’s usually take up a 42 RU rack and are joined together through cross connects in a data center.

DaaS (Desktop as a Service) key components:

Single login point for “in Office” and working remotely.

Consistent desktop experience for all staff.

Simple to provision desktops and applications at short notice.

Ability to employ “thin clients” at the desktop.

Managed or self-service provisioning.

Public or private tenancy.

CT4 DaaS Performance

DaaS performance is scalable and can be tuned to specific needs.

Quality user experience requires as little as 128Kbps bandwidth.

Graphically intensive applications can be served through DaaS using VMware vDGA acceleration.

Scalability of DaaS performance is able to be controlled at the Service Provider layer for all tenancies or singular tenancies as required.