Cloud Base (Iaas)

"ct4 has the capability to design, build and manage any kind of cloud environment"

Data Centre hosted Solutions

Cloud Base is CT4’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. The name is quite apt as it forms the foundation or base of your IT capability and can be tailored to suit your exact requirement.

CT4 has the capability to design, build and manage any kind of cloud environment; the only limiting factor is the mandate provided by the customer. We do not ‘over-engineer’ our solutions, we ensure they have enough resources allocated to cope with peak activity periods and are fully scalable to accommodate the future growth of your business.

​We currently provide hosting infrastructure for a wide range of customers from SMEs operating from our community clouds through to managing and servicing large private cloud environments.

Our bespoke cloud solutions are robust, cost effective, innovative, secure, and above all, well-managed.

Cloud Base offers the following benefits:

Revert to an efficient and predictable IT cost model

Obtain increased business agility and productivity

Access to fully scalable cloud infrastructure

Save on purchasing servers, licenses, network equipment and data centre space.

Gain performance, reliability and improved security

Utilise enterprise technology hosted within tier 3 data centres, managed and maintained by virtualisation experts

Leverage a dynamic and fully scalable solution

Scale computing resources as required quickly and effortlessly

Improve business capabilities

Redeploy your internal IT staff to core business activities

Enjoy a utility service and billing model for automation, dynamic scaling, policy based services and internet connectivity – all governed by a dedicated SLA

Outsource the management of your physical, network and data security systems

Benefit from pro-active detection and prevention of security issues before they become a risk to your business