CT4’s Digital Apprentice Program (DAP) Program

The Digital Apprentice Program in partnership with Federation University and the Victorian Government

CT4 started the Digital Apprentice Program (DAP) in partnership with the Victorian Government as a way to prepare students for the future with real work experience with a view for global expansion

Whilst the emergence of new technology may adversely impact some industries, the scale of technological change is also bringing with it a large demand for skilled jobs in areas such as software and network engineering, cyber security and data analytics. The demand in Australia is currently outweighing the number of people available with these skills – and the number of graduates is simply not enough to stem the growing skills gap. By bringing trainee opportunities to regional areas, CT4 is able to support employment in a growing field for the next generation of technology workers. As well as providing upskill and reskill possibilities for non-graduates and developing a skilled workforce through the earn-to-learn program

CT4 has actively participated in student placements on a continuous basis over the last few years; given the immense value this experience has added to the business CT4 have now expanded student placement by creating the Digital Apprentice Program. The provision of quality, innovative and supportive work integrated learning experiences not only makes the students better prepared for the commercial world after study, but it enables our team of professionals to become better leaders, trainers, mentors and managers.

CT4 is a dynamic Australian software technology company with global reach, constantly growing into and focusing on new age cloud optimisation tech and cyber security advances. With student placements from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, they bring a fresh approach that can assist in giving depth and perspective on new ideas and projects for CT4 to explore.  There is the opportunity to invite students to take part in some form of work-related experience with our company as essential for us to grow as a company while contributing to the quality of professional practice of future industry leaders.

The first DAP Group

First round of DAP's meeting Gayle Tierney MP and Juliana Addison MP during Government funds announcement

Students who work with CT4 will benefit through the following opportunities:

    • The program will provide students with an opportunity to gain work-based commercial experience in a thriving entrepreneurial company, enabling them to put theory into practice. This experience will help to shape their future career choices through ‘real life’ experiences.
    • Students will have an improved educational experience by having the opportunity to apply discipline-based knowledge and skills while learning from the experience within our team in a professional workplace.
    • Taking an experiential learning approach, students will also gain an insight into and understanding of, the nature and complexities of work in a real-world IT company in the thriving technology sector.
    • The students value the soft skills gained while working in our teams, such as effective communication, teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, adaptability and work-ethic while being able to demonstrate effective, professional and ethical engagement in a diverse, workplace setting. We have found this experience effectively positions students for the transition to employment within our company and beyond.
    • CT4 provides induction to the workplace, including supporting students to work in a healthy and safe work environment.

CT4 is a software and data product company underpinned by innovation and application modernisation, which provides unique, market changing software products and a team of application specialists create solutions to bring legacy systems and software to the cloud.  Placement against specific projects will be tailored to  align the unique skills, interests and career direction of the student with our developmental goals.  While CT4 has a focus on cyber security projects, there are broad range of product and software projects available on a continuous basis.

We have developed this work integrated training program to be particularly targeted to students, acknowledging the potential barriers to completing work traditionally as a full time employee.  While the knowledge and skill sharing is of a reciprocal benefit to both the student and the company; the learning environment is tailored to maximise the value and experience the student gains from the placement without the pressure of full time employment.

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