CT4 marks cyber centre grand opening with ribbon-cutting ceremony

CT4 marks cyber centre grand opening with ribbon-cutting ceremony

On Friday 15th of November, CT4; part of the Canopy Tools Group, marked the opening of the new cyber security site with office space, training and service centres with Ballarat Mayor Cr Ben Taylor officially announcing the site open with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. This new centre and Digital Apprentice Program (DAP) addresses a four million and growing global cyber security staffing shortage.

For many regional and rural jobseekers around Australia, entering professions such as cyber security requires them leaving their communities and heading to metropolitan areas in search of educational and employment opportunities.  For Ballarat locals looking at re-entering the workforce, needing to upskill, reskill or recent graduates considering post-school pathways; IT and Cyber security training with Global IT company CT4 is now an option at the Ballarat Tech park site.

Mayor Cr. Ben Taylor acknowledged the opening with the ribbon cutting and praised CT4 for bringing the program to Ballarat.  “This program fits within this precinct with a look at employment, innovation and technology and that’s what we love out at the Tech Park, that’s what it’s been established for and it continues to grow and grow.  Thank you (CT4) for making the commitment to Ballarat and this space here.”

Through a strategic partnership comprising of the Victorian Government, Federation University and The Canopy Tools Group, the program launched in July 2019. The first tranche of participants hailed from varied non-cyber backgrounds and life experience on the path to a new career in IT.

By estimating the global cybersecurity workforce, it is believed that the workforce needs to grow by 145%. CT4 uses on-the-job experience and robust training, enhancing the skills of the apprentices by including entry-level IT and cybersecurity skills into the curriculum and by recruiting talented entry level men and women into the field from regional cities such as Ballarat and helping to train and develop a local talent pool. The program creates quick employability and decreases the cybersecurity skills gap while benefiting the local community.

According to non-profit IT security organization, ISC², Global IT security skills shortages have now surpassed four million, the report states that there are currently 4.07 million cybersecurity positions open and unfilled around the world up from 2.93 million this time last year. With a staggering 2.6 million short fall in the APAC region alone.

“The Cybersecurity skills gap needs to be a priority if we’re going to make an impact on cyber threats into the future” Said Annelise Pearson; Business Services Manager of the Canopy Tools Group, when discussing the training centre opening. “If we can develop people in regional and rural areas with limited or no information technology or cybersecurity background to become skilled operatives, we can then meet this challenge from previously untapped potential from a diverse range of participants. Upon completion of the program, graduates can choose to move into entry-level cyber defence, incident handling, incident response and digital forensics jobs as well as Security Operations Centre analyst positions, many of which could develop into long term careers in this expanding in-demand industry. This is an exciting opportunity in a rapidly expanding cutting-edge profession”

The constant developments in cybercrime, technology, and workloads contribute significantly to the increasing the skills gap.  The Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan (2018 update) by the Australian Cyber Security Network (AustCyber) identifies cyber literacy as a must-have skill for every Australian worker, regardless of occupation.

Cybersecurity careers are jobs for the future and revolve around the high demand for cybersecurity skills and the rapidly changing challenges that keep the job interesting, it’s a growing field which offers job security and as it is continuously evolving it also allows students to put their skills to use in nearly every industry.