CT4 Brings the Latest in Cyber Security to Ballarat

CT4 Brings the Latest in Cyber Security to Ballarat

 The Victorian Government and Federation University have teamed up with Australian technology company CT4 to bring the next generation of high-tech professionals to Ballarat with 60 jobs planned for the region over the next two years. 

Located at Ballarat Technology Park in Mount Helen, the “Global Cyber Centre” or “GCC” officially opened on the 14th of June 2019. The area is also home to IBM and the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI), putting Ballarat at the cutting edge of this pioneering field. 

CT4 CEO Dan Pearson said:

“The cyber security sector is an important and fast growing
part of the Australian economy, and CT4 is proud to be calling Ballarat home for the new Global Cyber Centre and a growing cluster of cyber businesses.” 

The new centre will provide a unique range of facilities and services including a high-level security cleared IT operations team, cloud-based and cyber security product development and testing space, educational and training areas, and will act as a draw for national investment in the local economy. 

Pearson emphasised that CT4 has already formed strong, collaborative relationships with key companies and Government agencies to engage in cyber research, training programmes and enterprise development, and has a number of teams tasked with the development in the cyber security space. 

“Our strategy is to bring together our collective expertise in a centre of excellence with skilled cyber experts and partners both in Australia and across the globe.”

Craig Adams, CT4 Chairman, added:  

“The new Centre will organise, facilitate and support the development of cyber security on a global scale whilst at the same time present us with opportunities to develop high quality academic, vocational educational
and training programmes to address the growing digital skills shortage being experienced nationally.”

According to PWC’s 2018 Global State of Information Security, it is reported that cyber-attack is now costing Australia more than AU$1 billion annually. 

The first employees have started with CT4 at the GCC with the final GCC site building works expected to be completed by late-2019.