Benefits of ACP Assessments

Benefits of ACP Assessments

Many businesses are interested in modernising and simplifying their IT infrastructure through hybrid public cloud. Often businesses have heard about Microsoft Azure and think it could help, but don’t progress any further.

We have found this usually comes down to 4 main reasons.

  1. Lack of clarity as to what it will cost to transition workloads to Azure Public Cloud.
  2. Not being sure of the comparative ongoing costs of running the workload On-Premise versus hosted in the Cloud.
  3. Shortage of internal skills for transitioning to Azure Public Cloud.
  4. Concerns over the ability to support their Azure deployment once it’s in place and optimise it to achieve both operational and financial efficiency.

Thankfully, these questions and concerns can be addressed with an Azure Cloud Physics Assessment, otherwise known as an ACP Assessment. An ACP Assessment does this in 3 ways:

  1. It provides businesses with an understanding of costs by workload mapping and pricing using a SaaS based tool to provide costs modelling over a thirty day period.
  2. It assists businesses with Azure Transition Services (ATS) to transition from On-Premise to Public Cloud.
  3. It provides businesses with ongoing support through Azure Care Services (ACS).


The structure of CT4’s ACP Assessments

CT4’s assessments generally follow the below structure to provide a comprehensive analysis of the current on-premise workload, which over a period of time, will collect work patterns and provide metadata for an executive level report.


Why use CT4 for your ACP Assessment?

CT4 has a proven track record of successfully completing assessments and migrations.

  • Since 2007 CT4 has undertaken over 350 Virtual to Cloud (V2C) migrations globally.
  • CT4 has converted clients from both Physical to Virtual (P2V) and from virtualisation platforms such as Vmware and Hyper-V.
  • CT4 has a broad range of clients spread across the globe running financial, medical, and resources workloads, providing infrastructure, security and data services.


What next?

To find out more about how CT4 can help your business with an ACP Assessment, register for an assessment here or get in touch with our nearest office.